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MEMORY: is the ability of a person retain and recall the impressions of thoughts or imaginations.

Memory Power: Among those millions & millions of living creature in this entire world, it is “ MAN” who reigns.What makes this possible?It is the power to think, the power to store details, the power to recollect and use it whenever, wherever required. This is what we call the MEMORY.

Our aim is to prepare students to win the battle of life. As VinceHombardi said, Everyone of us has a will to win, but very few have the will to prepare to win. Our objective is to train those students,with a willpower to aim before shooting.

Each and everyone of us, has a personality and this depends upon our MemoryPower.A person with a low memory power can never maintain a good personality. Our memory is unpredictable. In fact its in abundance. The working capacity, creativity, & success of a person depends upon his memory and his recollection. Sadly, an average person uses just 10% to 15% of his memory. How many of us know that even those great scientists uses just about 20% to 24% their capacity.

In modern psychology there are solid proofs that it is possible for a person to improve his memory and utilize power for the betterment of his life. Almost all of these techniques are widely used even in the international level.some of them are mentioned below:-

Acronyms, Acrostat, Link method,International coding system,Transformation numbers to pictures,Decoding pictures to numbers ,Association,Concentration techniques,various therapies etc..
These methods are focused on School students ,mainly 8th std to D’gree grade. Several Schools, Social activity groups, Org anizations, Clubs, Churches etc..have already utilized the benefit of this programme.


Our one day training classes are as follows(6hour programme)

  • Powerful Motivation Ist session  (9.30AM – 11.00AM) 

    This session is the presentation in a very simple way, the factors which helped several people who were physically disabled to attain their ultimate objectives. About those who achieved success in life, even with all those physical incapabilities, justwith their positive attitude ,mental strength & by doing right thing, in the right time,for the right reason. Just after this session, the mind set of the all students will change for sure and will begin to realize their actual potentials
  • Functions  of Brain IInd session(11.15AM – 12.45PM)

    In this session, we go deeper in to the details regarding the Brain-Mind-Thoughts
    The functions of Mind(conscious mind,sub-consious mind,super-consious mind)
    Registering  and recalling (what we hear,what we see,visuals,colours)
    Brain exercises& therapies.

  • Memory techniques IIIrd session (1.30PM -3.00PM)  & IVth session(3.15PM -4.30Pm)

    Various memory techniques, concentration techniques, meditation, study skills, Exam skills & Personality development.

    After this programme, we will collect the feed back from the participants. We assure you that their self confidence will surely increase and their exam fear has completely vanished. They are fully confident about their success. The positive attitude, self confidence& their self esteem of each and every student will have increased incredibly after each session.

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